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Understanding the Risks Associated with the Use of Virtual Currencies

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) recently issued a consumer advisory warning about the risks of virtual currencies, also referred to as “digital currencies,” such as Bitcoin. The potential risks include the threat of hacking and scams, volatile exchange rates, unclear costs, and the risk that companies offering virtual currencies may not offer help or refunds for lost or stolen funds.   Read More ›

Color Me Confused?

Over the years, several companies have successfully obtained and defended trademarks for a single color. UPS registered the color chocolate brown for transportation and delivery services, specifically its vehicles and uniforms. (Reg. No. 2,901,090). Tiffany’s has several registrations for its signature robin egg blue color used on its boxes, bags, catalogues, jewelry, and other products and services. (Reg. Nos. 4,177,892; 2,359,351; 2,416,795; 2,416,794; 2,184,128). Owens Corning has several registrations for the color pink for insulation and other building and construction products. (Reg. Nos. 3,165,001; 2,380,742; 2,380,445; 2,090,588; 1,439,132). 3M’s registrations for yellow POST-IT® notes. Reg. No. 2,390,667). More and more, companies are utilizing non-traditional marks like color, sound, and scent to distinguish their products and services and attract consumers. Read More ›